Tech People at Work Podcast: "Relocating for work with Alex Castillo"

I'm very excited to share my first Podcast appearance. In this episode of "Tech People at Work" by Gistia Labs, Carlos Taborda and I talk about my experience on relocation from New York to the Bay Area for my new journey working for Netflix. Other topics include my involvement in the Angular community and my side project: NeuroJavascript.

Now, in his own words, Carlos from Gistia Labs:

Hello everybody,

today we have Alex Castillo on the show, and we’re going to be chatting about his transition coming from New York City all the way to California in chase of a dream job. He’s now working at Netflix, and we’re going to be chatting about some of the day-to-day things that he’s doing at Netflix, but also some of the aspects of his transition and I think a few key areas that had made it better for him, or easier, that Netflix has been a part of, which I think is really important for everybody who’s interested in basically moving to another part of the country or employers who are interested in hiring people from other parts of the country.

So without further ado, let’s welcome Alex.
— Carlos Taborda, Gistia Labs